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Cobb County staff is excited to announce the 2019 Cobb 101 Citizens Government Academy. This academy is a ten-week course designed to provide an in-depth look at the many functions of county government. It will be held at various government buildings throughout Cobb County, allowing participants to fully experience all Cobb has to offer. Participants are allow to miss only one class during the 10-week course.

The 2019 class will be limited to 30 participants, who must be 18 years old and Cobb residents or business owners. Those who are running for office are ineligible to participate.

Thank you for your interest in attending Cobb 101. The application deadline has past. Look for the next course coming in 2020.

Participant Resources

Download course schedule (The schedule/locations are subject to change)

Updated information coming in 2019!

GA Legislation Information

  1. Week One
    1. Intro
    2. Communications
  2. Week Two
    1. Elections
    2. Extension
    3. Library
    4. PARKS
    5. Senior Services
  3. Public Safety: Courts and Sheriff
  4. Public Safety: Week 4
  5. Department of Transportation: Week 5
  6. Support Services: Week 6
  7. Water System: Week 7
  8. Community Development: Week 8
  9. Finance: Week 9

The Citizens Government Academy is a ten-week program designed to:
  • Give residents an opportunity to learn how to access their government
  • Familiarize residents with government services, functions and activities in Cobb County
  • Help residents gain a better understanding about how to become involved in local government
  • Enhance residents’ ability to communicate effectively with local officials
Program details:

Through a combination of presentations and hands-on projects, participants will learn about vital community services including emergency services, law enforcement, planning, zoning, finance, court systems, public works, special projects, parks and recreation. Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to connect with their local officials and county staff who provide these services. Weekly instructors will vary depending upon the county service or department being covered that week.

The program is structured around six strategic commitments:
  • Informed and engaged community
  • Financial health and economic prosperity
  • Healthy, livable and sustainable Cobb County
  • Transportation, mobility and connectivity
  • Safe and prepared community
  • Accountable and responsive government
Participants will gain a better understanding of:
  • The relationships between residents, the county manager and Board of Commissioners and governmental departments
  • The process of deciding why and how government projects are implemented and services are provided
  • The ways various projects support county manager and Board of Commissioners’ goals and objectives
  • The budgeting process
  • Roles and functions of county departments
  • Video: Click to hear from previous Cobb 101 participants