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Mission Statement:

To provide a pretrial release program to assist with inmate release and supervision of defendants with bond conditions until case completion and to serve as a neutral information gathering division for judicial officers in accordance with Rule 27 of the Uniform Superior Court Rules.

The Pretrial Division of Cobb County Magistrate Court is responsible for:

  • Interviewing in-custody defendants to determine their eligibility for court-ordered release programs
  • Verifying data and conducting criminal history checks
  • Supervising released defendants until adjudication

Data collected enables Magistrate judges to assess public safety issues, flight risks, and set appropriate bond conditions.


Recommendation Types

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Conditional Release
(Non-financial release) Eligible defendants are required to comply with certain conditions, often including limitations on association, movement and other activities, and defendants are supervised by Pretrial until their case is completed.
Personal Recognizance
(Non-financial release) Eligible defendants are required to comply with certain conditions issued by a judge but defendants are not supervised by Pretrial after their release.
Bond Reduction
Defendants unable to make a bond are reviewed for eligibility to receive a reduction in the bond and may require supervision.
10% Cash Deposit
The approved surety deposits 10% of the bond, including all state mandated fees, at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.  When the case is completed, 90% of the 10% deposit will be refunded to the surety by the State or Superior Court Clerk’s Office.