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The Cobb Community Relations Council envisions a county that welcomes and embraces the commonalities and differences represented in our diverse communities. By promoting acceptance, honor and respect for differences in our diverse communities, we seek to to connect and promote better relations between communities to ensure a high quality of life for all Cobb residents.

Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Cobb Central Library, 266 Roswell St. Marietta, GA.



Creating Community Awards

The Cobb Community Relations Council, along with the Cobb County Commissioners, annually celebrates and honors individuals and organizations who dedicate their time to promote inclusion within the Cobb Community via the "Creating Community Awards".

Council Members

Officers of the Council

James Dodd, Chairperson
Dr. Bryan Crute, Vice Chair
Illyse Sheaffer, Secretary
Mary Kuchinski, Treasurer