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Domestic Violence Shelters

There are independently organized shelters throughout Cobb County that assist domestic violence victims, their family members and pets.
In addition to housing accommodations, there are varies additional services provided such as counseling and advocacy assistance.

For additional information concerning these services, visit our Resource page or find a location near you.

Internet Computer Safety

If you are currently being stalked or abused, we recommend that you use a computer that your abuser does not know about, such as a trusted friend's personal home computer or a computer at your public library, abusers often check to see what sites you have visited. There is always a computer trail, but you can leave most Internet sites quickly by pressing the provided website "Escape" button.

Mailing Address

In the event that you were required to move while the case is still pending in the State Court of Cobb County; we request of you that we have your most current mailing address on file with our office in order for you to receive timely notification of the different court hearings types.

We will require that you to bring a valid picture identification card to the Solicitor General office and to complete an address change form request in person. Failure to do so may result in the lack of timely notification to you about anycourt proceedings in the criminal case against the accused.

Please understand that the case may conclude at ANY appearance by the defendant and at any time during the court hearing process.

Safety Planning

Taking time to think about steps to increase your safety and the safety of your children is important, whether you have left, are considering leaving, or are currently in an abusive relationship. You may want to consider calling a victim advocacy agency to speak with a confidential advocate that may assist with safety planning and crisis help, or refer you to an agency that specializes in domestic violence.

If you are leaving an abusive situation consider a safety packing list [PDF].

For additional assistance please visit our Resource page.

Temporary Protective Order

The Temporary Protective Order (TPO) must be filed in the County Courthouse location where the offender lives.

  • There must have been a recent, reported act of physical violence.
  • If the court determines probable cause exists and family violence has occurred the court may order such temporary relief.
  • The other party will be served by the Sheriff Office with the order and within 30 days a new court date will be determined.

Ordering Police Reports

Victims have a right to a free copy of their Police report. Please contact the responding "Law Enforcement Agency" in the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred.

A request for the report can be made to most jurisdictions in-person.

The following information is necessary to identify the requested report: parties involved, date and location of occurrence, and the report number if available.
You must bring a valid identification card to obtain the report.