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You may be in receipt of a mailed State of Georgia, Cobb County court Subpoena and you may be concerned that the date shown on the Subpoena may conflict with your work and/or personal agenda.

Please do not be alarmed and please take the time to read the below information carefully.

First determine the type of Subpoena that you are in receipt of. This information can be found on the very top, center of your subpoena.



Jury Trial Subpoena

If you are in receipt of a Cobb County, State Court "Jury Trial" Subpoenas also referred as an “ON CALL” Subpoena.

Please be advised that you do not have to appear in court unless notified via telephone by our office that this case is officially "CALLED IN" for Trial.

Non Jury Trial Subpoenas

Please be advised if you are in receipt of a Cobb County, State Court "Non Jury" Trial Subpoenas also referred as a “MUST APPEAR” Subpoena; this means you MUST appear on the day listed on the Subpoena; as the case is officially going to a Non Jury trial.