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Traffic Courtroom

  Prosecutorial Team Phone Contact
1A Judge Eric Brewton 770-528-8586
2A Judge Jason Fincher 770-528-8586
2C Judge Marsha Lake 770-528-8513
2B Judge Bridgette Campbell 770-528-8511
2D Judge Henry Thompson 770-528-8535


  Prosecutorial Team Phone Contact
3A Judge Jane Manning 770-528-3006
3B Judge John Morgan 770-528-8532
3C Judge Allison Salter 770-528-8531
3D Judge Carl Bowers 770-528-8548
4A Judge David Darden 770-528-8550
4B Judge Maria Golick 770-528-8512
4C Judge Toby Prodgers 770-528-8534