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Child Support Information

Access a wide range of child support information on the site including an application for services and Georgia’s current Most Wanted poster.

Georgia's Child Support Enforcement

Georgia's Division of Child Support Services

Cobb (330)
590 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 112
Marietta, GA 30060-2738
770-528-3507 (Fax)

This office works cases when both parents live within the state of Georgia.

Cobb UIFSA (350)
District Attorney's Office Child Support Division
10 E Park Square, Suite 402
Marietta, GA 30090-9620
770-528-2436 (Fax)

This office works interstate cases only. The Cobb UIFSA (350) office reports to Region CA.

External Links:
YWCA - Domestic Violence Information
YWCA - Sexual Assault Information

Juvenile Court

Prosecutes offenders under 17 years old.

Juvenile Court's page

32 Waddell St. 5th/6th Floor
Marietta, GA 30090
770-528-2561 (Fax)
770-528-2252 Victim Witness

Probate Court

Wedding ceremonies are performed and firearms carry licenses are issued at the Magistrate Court.

Probate Court's page

Kelli Wolk, Chief Judge
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
770-528-1996 (Fax)

Clerk of Court - 770-528-1900
Estates Division - 770-528-1900
Firearms License - 770-528-1930
Marriage License - 770-528-1931

Solicitor General

Prosecutes all traffic, misdemeanor, and ordinance violation cases in Cobb County.

Solicitor General's page

Barry E. Morgan, Solicitor General
10 East Park Square, Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30090
770-528-8590 (Fax)

State Court Administration

The State Court of Cobb County conducts jury trials on misdemeanor and civil cases that request a trial by jury.

State Court Administration's page

Donna Tschappat, Director
12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090
770-528-2627 (Fax)

Juror Inquiry - 770-528-2628
Juror Recording - 770-528-2626

State Court Clerk

State Court Clerk's page

Angie T. Davis, Clerk of State Court
Robin C. Bishop, Deputy Clerk of State Court
12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090

Accounting Division - 770-528-1271
Civil Division - 770-528-1216
Criminal Division - 770-528-1246
Traffic Violations Bureau - 770-528-2660

Superior Court Administration

Superior Court Administration's page

Tom Charron, Court Administrator
70 Haynes Street
Marietta, GA 30090-9915
770-528-1808 (Fax)

Jury Administration - 770-528-1801 (Juror information only)

Child Support Receiver - (770) 528-3055
Divorcing Parents Seminar - (770) 528-1812
Juror Recording - (770) 528-1804
Mediation - (770) 528-1812
Volunteer Probation - (770) 528-7986
Interpreter Program - (770) 528-1820
Drug Treatment Court - (770) 528-8567

External Links:
YWCA - Domestic Violence Information
YWCA - Sexual Assult Information

Superior Court Clerk

The Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for filing and maintaining all civil and criminal files, as well as the land and property records for all of Cobb County.

Superior Court Clerk's page

Rebecca Keaton, Clerk of Superior Court
Kimberly Carroll, Chief Deputy Clerk
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
770-528-1382 (Fax)

Criminal/Civil Information - 770-528-1300
Real Estate Information - 770-528-1360

External Links:
YWCA - Domestic Violence Information
YWCA - Sexual Assult Information