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The Cobb County Police Department is committed to serving our community. We will demonstrate professional excellence in our Department by utilizing proven police methodology, new technology, and superb training. We will aggressively enforce all laws in an impartial manner wherever people live, work, or visit, to enhance public safety and to reduce the fear and incidence of crime. We are entrusted with the sacred obligation of protecting Cobb County, and we will do so with honor, integrity, and respect for the dignity of all citizens. The Cobb County Police Department will execute all its duties and tasks in a skillful, proficient and professional manner and we will be responsive to the changing needs of our community.



Chief's Office

Register MChief Michael Register 

Chief Michael J. Register has approximately 30 years of law enforcement related experience. Chief Register believes the modern police department must take a "whole of government" approach by partnering with other government entities and the community to improve the quality of life for its citizens, make the community safer and attract new business to the area.  

Department Units

The Cobb County Police Department is comprised of 37 different department units. Some Department units are full-time units, which means the personnel assigned to the unit work on a day to day basis in that unit. Other Department units are part-time units, where personnel only report to these units when a request for services is initiated.

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Department History

From 1924 to the present, the Cobb County Police Department has represented stellar law enforcement and growth throughout the years.

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Fallen Heroes

This page is dedicated to those Cobb County Police Officers who valiantly gave their lives in the line of duty and made the ultimate sacrifice serving the citizens of Cobb County.

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