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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Management Plan for SunTrust Park

The Cobb County Police Department, in collaboration with the Cobb County Department of Transportation and other partners, has developed this traffic management plan (TMP) for events at SunTrust Park, with the following guiding principles:

I heard that the county is not allowed to use revenue bonds to construct the SunTrust Park, is that correct?

Has a cost/benefit analysis been conducted for the SunTrust Park deal and, if so, what is the projected return on investment (ROI)?

What will the boundaries of the new special tax district be and who will be included in the district?

What is the county’s financial responsibility on the maintenance and upkeep of the SunTrust Park?

What is the tax impact of the proposed developments? What about sales tax revenues for the SunTrust Park?

Why can’t we use the money to hire more teachers and minimize the school system’s budget cuts?

Do we have enough police and fire personnel to protect and patrol the area?