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The Cobb County Drug Treatment Court is an 18-month program which handles non-violent felony substance abuse cases through intensive supervision, drug treatment and rehabilitation. A rigorous program that holds its participants fully accountable for their own actions, the Cobb County Drug Treatment Court requires a great commitment from its participants to attend frequent meetings, hearings and routine testing. This program offers offenders a unique opportunity to have their charges dismissed or avoid prison time when they successfully meet program requirements.

The Cobb County Drug Treatment Court strives to reduce substance abuse, crime, and recidivism by providing intensive supervision, treatment, and judicial guidance for alcohol and/or chemically dependent individuals. The purpose of the treatment program is to integrate substance abuse treatment with the justice system, for the promotion of public safety, individual responsibility, citizenship, and reduction of recidivism.




Screening Process

Screening is conducted in the early stages of Drug Treatment Court and typically precedes assessment and other diagnostic activities.


The Drug Treatment Court continues its cooperative effort by contracting with WestCare GA. WestCare provides all treatment, groups, detox, drug screens, and therapy for the Cobb County Drug Treatment Court.


Near the end of Phase V, the participant will complete an application for graduation, and turn it into the Drug Treatment Court (DTC) Coordinator to be reviewed and approved by the DTC team.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Drug Treatment Court office.

Stan Graham
Drug Treatment Court Coordinator
770-528-8588 (Fax)