Cobb County Government
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Special Master Program  
Kim Hicks (Process Servers) 770-528-1811
Lisa Chao (Interpreter program) 770-528-1820

Floater Court Reporters  
Rene Weatherford 770-528-1850
Kim Elias 770-528-8109
Kathleen Sherwood 770-528-1872
Debbie Fedorchak 770-528-1971
Mike Almand 770-528-8440

Receiver's Office of Superior Court Administration  
Cheryl Britton 770-528-3399
Rebekah Ashworth 770-528-3056

Other Numbers  
Clerk's Office 770-528-1300
Cobb Bar 770-424-7149
District Attorney's Office 770-528-3080
Juvenile Court 770-528-2220
Legal Aid 770-528-2565
Magistrate Court 770-528-8900
Pretrial 770-528-8950
Probate Court 770-528-1900
State Court Clerk 770-528-1230
State Court Info 770-528-2622
State Court Jury Administration 770-528-2628
Traffic Court 770-528-1257