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Divorcing Parents Seminar


The Divorcing Parents Seminar provides parents with information on topics, including the divorce process and how it impacts children, developmental stages of children, communication skills, identifying when a child may need help, and realistic expectations about step-families.

Family Law Workshop

family law1The Family Workshop is a joint venture of the Superior Court of Cobb County and the Cobb County Bar Association, designed to assist self-represented litigants understand the proper procedures of the court, and also gain a better understanding of the legal process.  

Interpreter Program

interpreter2Interpreter Request Form

The Cobb County Judicial Interpreters Program administered by Superior Court administration provides interpreters to protect the rights of limited English proficiency individuals under the Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964 and deaf or hard of hearing individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and state law (O.C.G.A. ยง24-6-650 to 658). While Spanish is the most requested language, we do get requests for dialects such as Amharic.

Juror Donation Program

thAs a juror in Cobb County Superior Court, you have the unique opportunity to give even more back to your community through our Juror Fee Donation Program.

Special Master Program

6129lady of justiceSpecial Masters are attorneys who are responsible for administering the condemnation laws of Georgia. The special master sits as a judge over a land condemnation case. A Superior Court judge then approves his or her decision.