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The court will never contact you and ask you to pay a fine for missing jury service to avoid being arrested.
If you have received a call asking for payment of a fine for missing jury duty,
contact Investigator Bob Morris with the Cobb County Sheriff Department at
(770) 499-4678 or (770) 499-4752.



Daily Instructions

Message for jurors who are summoned for the week of November 22, 2018:

All jurors should report no later than 8:30 on Monday morning to the 1st floor of the Superior Court Building, which is located at 70 Haynes Street, Marietta, Ga. Please bring your jury summons with you, and have it scanned when you arrive in the Jury Assembly Room.

If you have not mailed the “Juror Information Form” that is located at the bottom of your jury summons, please complete the form and bring it with you. The Court will not grant any deferrals or excusals unless it is a medical reason and you have proper documentation. Business reasons are not an excuse. Please remember that you are under subpoena.

If you are under 18 years of age, if you are a non resident of Cobb County, if you are not an American citizen, or if you are a convicted felon and your rights have not been restored, you should email or fax documented proof to the email address or fax number that is listed on your jury summons.

All jurors should go to jury lots A or B, before proceeding to the decks unless you are directed otherwise by a Deputy or Bailiff. Do not park on the Marietta Square.

Juror Parking

PLAN AHEAD! Familiarize yourself with these directions, and give yourself extra time to ensure you DO NOT ARRIVE LATE.