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Cemetery Preservation Commission

Burial places, in particular cemeteries, are the most visible public remains of a community’s history. As public documents of human occupation, cemeteries serve as records of a community’s roots. They not only embody the community’s history but also are proof of its member’s pride of place. They provide evidence of the struggles to continue on in the face of adversity from generation to generation.

The communities that truly values its heritage will make a strong fight to ensure its future.

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About the Commission

The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission is a volunteer commission created by the Board of Commissioners to provide a uniform procedure for the identification, preservation, protection, and maintenance of cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds. The unprecedented growth and development of Cobb County has caused the loss of many old cemeteries.

Protection Through Laws and Ordinances

The continued preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries need not be a burden to taxpayers. In Cobb County, a partnership has developed between government officials and the Cemetery Preservation Commission, which encourages residents to understand and preserve these non-renewable cultural resources.

Adopt-A-Cemetery Program

In addition to supporting the creation of a new state law and encouraging enforcement of the local ordinance, the Cemetery Preservation Commission also protects and preserves cemeteries through the Adopt-A-Cemetery Program.

Adoption FAQ


Cemetery ownership, descendant's rights and involvement by concerned citizens are complex issues in present day Georgia Law. Research indicates the adopting group and the property owner/guardian should coordinate their efforts through the CCCPC. The laws must be honored by each party to insure the dignity of the cemetery.

Adopt-A-Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission Requirements:

  1. All adopting organizations must sign an Adopt-A-Cemetery Program Agreement.
  2. CCCPC will have final approval on all cemeteries adopted.
  3. Adopting organizations must perform a general restoration/clean-up once a month November through March and twice a month April through October.
  4. Option to renew agreement after one year.

Procedures for Cleaning a Non-Perpetual Care Cemetery

The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission (CCCPC) has adopted the following procedures that must be complied with before beginning work on any cemetery.

  1. The CCCPC must be notified twenty (20) days in advance of intentions by any non-descendant person or group (henceforth named party) planning a restoration/clean-up of a non-perpetual care cemetery. This will allow the CCCPC and the party time to organize the procedures listed below.

Onsite Procedure for Cemetery Clean Up / Restoration

There is to be absolutely no subsurface disturbance at any time within the established boundaries and buffers of the cemetery.

There is to be absolutely no disturbance of any stones whether the are carved headstones or fieldstone markers, brick or stone borders unless directed by and under the supervision of the CCCPC.