Cobb County Government
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The Community Development Agency is the development-coordinating agency for Cobb County. It is responsible for implementing federal and state environmental mandates; it advises the Board of Commissioners and the general public on development and planning issues as they affect the environment, financial, economic, legal, and social welfare of Cobb County. The Agency has a responsibility to maintain and increase the quality of life in the County as deemed necessary by the Board of Commissioners and County residents; it fulfills its role by providing and, when necessary, enhancing the following programs as administered by its six divisions: Business License, Code Enforcement, Development and Inspections, Erosion Control, Planning, and Zoning.

Our Mission:
  • To ensure safe quality residential, commercial, and industrial development in accordance with federal, state, community, and professional standards.
  • Inspect sites and buildings for compliance with federal, state, community, and professional practices and standards.
  • Provide enforcement of County ordinances applicable to development.
  • Provide the best possible professional advice to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Historic Preservation Commission, Cemetery Preservation Commission, and the Board of Commissioners on zoning, growth management, and community building to ensure that their decisions will serve the best interests of the county residents.
  • Issue Business Licenses, assess occupational taxes and permits, and collect related fees, penalties, interest, and taxes on beer, wine, liquor, cable television, and hotels/motels.