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Statement from Cobb County Police Department

(Aug. 30 - Marietta, Ga.)  Late Friday afternoon, Aug. 25, Police Chief Mike Register received information from a dashboard video recording of a Cobb County police officer making inappropriate racial comments during a routine traffic stop in July 2016. Once this information was received and the comments recorded on the video were confirmed, the officer was immediately placed on administrative duties, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“No matter what the context, statements like these are unacceptable and are not indicative of the type of culture we are trying to facilitate here in the police department, as well as within the county,” Chief Register said.

In addition, Chairman Mike Boyce said, “I have seen the video and obviously have great concerns. I find the comments on the video repugnant and offensive beyond measure. I have personally spoken with Mrs. Deane Bonner of the Cobb NAACP and Ben Williams, chairman of the Cobb chapter of the SCLC and expressed my deep disappointment about this behavior. I have been assured that we will take quick and decisive action."

For additional information regarding this press release, please contact Sgt. Dana Pierce, Cobb County Police Department PIO, at 770-499-3910.