Cobb County Government
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General Forms

Acknowledgement of Service and Waiver of Jurisdiction
Acknowledgment of Service and Waiver of Venue
Affidavit in Support
Affidavit of Due Diligence
Affidavit of Election
Application for Service by Publication
Instructions for Service by Publication
Certificate of Service
Civil and Domestic Filing Form 
Civil and Domestic Disposition Form 
Disclosure Statement
Financial Affidavit 
Notice of Publication
Order for Service by Publication 
Request for Issuance of FIFA
Request to Waive In-Custody Transport (* Read instructions below before completing this form) 

    *Important Note:  An attorney may request that an in-custody defendant not be transported for a routine court appearance using the Request to Waive In-Custody              
 form above.  Once completed, this form must be emailed or otherwise forwarded to both the assigned judge's office and the assigned prosecutor, in

                                  order for it to be effective.

Rule 22 (Request To Use A Recording Device Pursuant To Rule 22 On Recording Of Judicial Proceedings)
  Click Here To Read Updated Rule 22 

Rule Nisi
Temporary Order
Voluntary Dismissal