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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the defendant be under Pretrial supervision?

 Until completion of the case by plea, dismissal or verdict, or the Pretrial supervision is vacated.

Once the defendant is bonded out, are there any other fees?

Additional money is required for drug/alcohol testing, evaluations, counseling/treatment and electronic monitoring if ordered by the court.  Failure to pay will result in a bond revocation hearing. No money is collected in the Pretrial Office.

When do I get my 10% deposit back?

Upon completion of the case by dismissal, plea, or verdict.

Can Pretrial appoint an attorney or change a court date?

No.  For an appointed attorney, contact the Circuit Defender’s Office  (770-528-1950). For court dates, contact the Superior Court Clerk’s Office (770-528-1300) or the State Court Clerk’s Office (770-528-1246).

What other bonding options are there if Pretrial is not able to assist with the release?

Cash, property, or bonding company.  For additional non-Pretrial bond information, contact the Cobb County Adult Detention Center (770-499-4200).