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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing common residential violations in the Cobb County Ordinance, reported through complaints and inquiries. Code Enforcement also assists the Planning and Zoning Divisions with zoning issues, as well as the Development and Inspections Division with enforcement. 


Did Code Enforcement remove my sign?

Code Enforcement officers remove approximately 17,000 signs from the public right of way yearly.  

The Temporary Sign code allows placement of signage on private property for events such as elections, church or community gatherings, yard sales, and rental or sale of individual homes. Signage should not be placed in medians, on trees, utility poles, or traffic control signs or devices. All temporary signage must be located on private property with the property owner’s permission.






New Donation Drop Box ordinance

All Donation Drop Boxes located in unincorperated Cobb County must abide by the Official County ordinace. Failure to properly register or maintain a donation drop box may be in violation of the Official Code of Cobb County and may be subject to enforcement and fines pursuant to section 134-287 (5).

Register your Donation Drop Box.

View  the Official Code of Cobb County 134-287 (1)-(4) to view detailed registration information, maintenance requirements and more.

View/Download the Donation Drop Box Guideline Brochure.



Submit an Online Code Enforcement Inquiry
Common Residential Neighborhood Violations

We have provided the following information as a general reference. For complete details, please see the relevant section of the Official Code of Cobb County.

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Avoiding Common Residential Code Enforcement Violations

View a video highlighting some common residential violations, with tips on avoiding them.


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