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Traffic Management Plan for SunTrust Park

The Cobb County Police Department, in collaboration with the Cobb County Department of Transportation and other partners, has developed this traffic management plan (TMP) for events at SunTrust Park, with the following guiding principles:

  • Provide for safe, efficient vehicular and pedestrian arrival and departure;
  • Minimize traffic impacts to nearby neighborhoods, businesses and daily commuters;
  • Leverage extensive thoroughfare network which provides 14 points of access, including two interstates; and
  • Leverage the County's Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS).

The County's ATMS includes a Regional Transportation Management Center (TMC) and an adaptive traffic control system. The TMC will be linked with control centers in SunTrust Park and will facilitate review of more than 200 traffic cameras to coordinate rapid response to traffic needs. The adaptive traffic control system utilizes a central computer in the TMC to monitor traffic on every approach of every lane at every signalized intersection in the greater Cumberland/Galleria area to provide automatic traffic signal timing adjustments in real time based on changes in traffic patterns.

This TMP will be reviewed and modified frequently over the course of the Braves' first season at SunTrust Park and periodically thereafter to incorporate changes in the area to include completion of roadway projects, new development and changes in parking availability and traffic patterns.

Read the entire Traffic Management Plan [PDF] (updated March 1, 2018)

SunTrust Park’s location allows for 14 major points of access, offering entry from all directions. The majority of traffic will arrive and depart using Interstate 75 (north/south) and Interstate 285 (east/west) and disperse to parking locations in advance of the “front door” to the ballpark. For example, traffic from the north can exit the interstate early and navigate directly to parking on the north side of SunTrust Park. Traffic will flow through a broader thoroughfare network rather than accumulate on a few roadways, allowing for improved travel times and minimized congestion.