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Cobb County IVR Inspection Codes

Building Inspections IVR Code
Building Footing/Foundation 111
Building Rough Framing (Residential Only) 112
Building Final 113
Building Slab 115
Building Wall Cover (Commercial Only) 116
Building Ceiling Cover (Commercial Only) 117
Building insulation (Eff. for permits issued 7/1/2011) 120
Electrical Inspections IVR Code
Electrical Rough (Residential only) 220
Electrical Under Ground 221
Electrical Wall Cover (Commercial only) 222
Electrical Ceiling Cover (Commercial only) 223
Electrical Final 224
Temporary Power Poles 225
Temporary Power Release 226
Electrical In Slab 227
Electrical Low Voltage 228
Electrical Sign 229
Electrical Mobile Homes 230
Plumbing Inspections IVR Code
Plumbing In Slab 331
Sewer 332
Plumbing Rough 333
Plumbing Final 334
Plumbing Gas Line 335
Water Line 336
Plumbing Wall Cover 337
Plumbing Ceiling Cover 338
HVAC Inspections IVR Code
HVAC Gas Line 441
HVAC Duct Work 442
HVAC Rough 443
HVAC Final 444
HVAC Wall Cover 445
HVAC Ceiling Cover 446
Other Inspections IVR Code
Zoning Compliance 551
Erosion Violation Inspection 561
Pool Location Inspection 571
Arborist Inspection 581