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Inspections Contact

Division Phone Number
Schedule an Inspection 770-528-2073
Inspections Inquiry 770-528-2051
Cobb County Water/Sewer System Inspections 770-419-6320
Residential Permitting 770-528-2060
Commercial Permitting 770-528-2071
Sign Permitting 770-528-2035
Erosion Conrol 770-528-2190



Listed below are the code editions in effect as of January 1, 2018:

The current codes adopted by Cobb County Commission as required by the Georgia Department of Communities Affairs are as follows:

  • A.D.A. Standards, 2010 Edition
  • D.C.A. Georgia State Amendments
  • International Building Code 2012 Edition
  • International Fire Code 2012 Edition
  • International Mechanical Code 2012 Edition
  • International Plumbing Code 2012 Edition
  • International Residential Code 2012 Edition
  • National Electrical Code 2017 Edition
  • International Fuel Gas Code 2012 Edition
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2009 Edition
  • International Property Maintenance Code, 2012
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2012 Edition
  • For Fire Marshal Requirements contact the Fire Marhsal's Office

The Act requires local governments that elect to enforce these codes within their jurisdictions to adopt administrative procedures and penalties in order to locally enforce any of these mandatory codes. Also, any applicable appendices of these codes must be adopted locally in order to be enforceable within a specific local jurisdiction.
The Act also made the following optional codes available for local government adoption and enforcement. Local governments choosing to enforce any of the below optional codes must adopt the code(s) they wish to enforce, as well as administrative procedures and penalties.

  • International Property Maintenance Code 2012 Edition
  • International Existing Building Code 2012 Edition
  • National Green Building Standard 2008 Edition

The Georgia Amendments are available at the below web link:

The DCA Board specifically omitted the plumbing, electrical, and energy requirements of the International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings. Therefore, the plumbing requirements of the International Plumbing Code, the electrical requirements of the National Electrical Code, and the energy requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code must be used for one- and two-family dwelling construction.