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Powers Ferry Corridor Study

Study Overview

In February of 2009 District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott along with the other Board of Commissioners authorized the Community Development Agency to develop a corridor study for a section of Powers Ferry Road.

The Powers Ferry Road Corridor Study and Master Plan is a mid-to-long range plan that will accommodate future growth and improve the quality of life for residence, employees and visitors of the area.


The primary purpose of this plan is to effect change in an urban/suburban environment experiencing real and perceived deterioration by creating a single comprehensive vision of the community’s desires for the future. This plan will provide an educational and decision-making tool that gives citizens, property owners, developers, and adjacent communities a clear indication of what is expected in the future for this part of the Powers Ferry Corridor. The following objectives directed the development of this master plan.

In 2015, the Community Development Agency has worked with the community to complete a five-year update to the Powers Ferry Master Plan. The goal of the update was to make sure the vision of the original document was still relevant. The update provided an opportunity to address recent planning initiatives and infrastructure improvements. It was a way for the community to remain proactive with its future development. Public input was obtained through two public meetings on May 11, 2015 and August 18, 2015. The update was adopted by the Boards of Commissioners on September 22, 2015.

Powers Ferry Master Plan: Five-Year Update [PDF]



Original Documents

PFMP Final Table of Contents [PDF]

PFMP Final Executive Summary [PDF]

PFMP Final Study Overview [PDF]

PFMP Final Existing Conditions [PDF]

PFMP Final Market Analysis [PDF]

PFMP Final Vision & Guiding Principles [PDF]

PFMP Final Recommendations & Implementation [PDF]

PFMP Final Appendix [PDF]



Public Meeting Summary

Public Meeting #3 [PDF]

Public Meeting #3 Summary [PDF]

Public Meeting #2 [PDF]

Public Meeting #2 Summary [PDF]

Public Meeting #1 [PDF]

Public Meeting #1 Summary [PDF]



Public Input