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Johnson Ferry Road Urban Design Study

Study Overview

In February of 2010, the Board of Commissioner authorized the Community Development Agency to develop the Johnson Ferry Urban Design Plan as a result of growing concerns for this major commercial and residential corridor.

A series of focus group discussions were held in 2009. These discussions resulted in the need to further study the area and create an overall urban design plan focusing on improving the aesthetics and maintaining its unique character. Johnson Ferry Road is located in eastern Cobb County and serves as the main north south thoroughfare. The plan is a mid to long range plan that will address land use, and transportation. In addition, the plan will provide a framework for improving both visual aesthetics and functionality of public spaces. This study was approved by the Board of Commissioners in 2011.


Since 2011, Cobb County staff has been working on the 1st implementation of the Urban Design Plan which is the creation of a series of design guidelines. Design Guidelines are the mechanism for enacting the short term vision described in the Urban Design Plan. The purpose of the guidelines is to recommend specific public frontages and property layouts for private developments in the Johnson Ferry Road and Lower Roswell Road area. These recommendations will be used by staff during the zoning and site plan review processes. These guidelines do not hold the force of law as are the zoning regulations; therefore, they are not mandates on private property owners. These are recommendations to private property owners for how they can assist in improving mobility, safety, and aesthetics along the corridor.

The following document is a brief introduction and description of urban design principles and preferences that will be used in developing the Johnson Ferry Urban Design Plan.

What is Urban Design? [PDF]



Johnson Ferry Road Urban Design

Final Report

Section 1 - Introduction [PDF]

Section 2 - Existing Conditions [PDF]

Section 3 - Vision [PDF]

Section 4 - Design Concept [PDF]

Section 5 - Design Plan [PDF]

Section 6 - Implementation [PDF]

Section 7 - Appendix [PDF]


Johnson Ferry Road Design Guidelines

Draft [PDF]




Fourth Public Meeting - Minutes [PDF]

Fourth Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]

Third Public Meeting - Minutes [PDF]

Third Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]

Second Public Meeting Visioning Comments [PDF]

Second Public Meeting - Image Preference Survey Results [PDF]

First Public Meeting - Existing Conditions [PDF]

First Public Meeting - Minutes [PDF]

Upcoming Meeting Schedule [PDF]

Aerial View [PDF]



Public Input