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Regulated Business

Persons desiring to conduct any of the following business activities must obtain a special license: health spa, astrologer, door-to-door salesperson, amusement activity including carnivals, pawn shop, flea market, precious metal dealer, pool tables in establishments with an alcoholic beverage license and modeling agency. Applications for special/regulated businesses can be obtained by calling 770-528-8410.

These businesses require a special application and consideration, with a criminal investigation of the applicant being completed. Therefore, applications should be filed a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled opening of the business. Regulatory fees will be charged in addition to the gross receipts fee in order to cover the cost of regulation.

These extra requirements are designed to establish reasonable and ascertainable standards for the regulation and control of these businesses which may require additional police protection and regulation in order to ensure the health and safety of the community.

Door-to-door salespersons should file an application a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date the salesperson desires to begin soliciting in Cobb County.