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Past Code Amendments

2017 Approved Code Amendments Package IV,[PDF] Clean July 25, 2017

2017 Approved Code Amendments Package IV,[PDF] Strike-through July 25, 2017

2017 Draft Amendments Package III, May 12, 2017[PDF]

2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendment [PDF]



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February Flashback (March 2018 Release)

February Newsletter 2018

October/November Newsletter 2017

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July 2017 Corrective: Z-35'16 Adventur Living LLC

Correction: The Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved the Settlement of Litigation for R-15 zoning. It was approved to R-15 for sixteen single family houses, subject to numerous stipulations agreed to by the opposition. Located on the east side of Ebenezer Road, north of Blackwell Road, 3862 Ebenezer Road. 

June 2017 (Quarterly)



Four Road Name Changes in the Six Flags Area

2030 Comprehensive Plan 5-Year update [PDF]

5-year update to Mableton Improvement Plan (2009-2014)  [PDF]

5-year update to Town Center LCI (2009-2014)  [PDF]

2012 Comprehensive Plan Amendments [PDF]

2010 Future Land Use Map [PDF]

2010 Comprehensive Plan Amendments [PDF]

2030 Comprehensive Plan (Revised 1/20/09) [PDF]

Standards of Mableton Code Dirty Copy - 02/22/2011 [PDF]

2011 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Book [PDF]

Kennesaw Ave & Old Highway 41 (December 21, 2011) [PDF]

Comprehensive Plan 5 Yr Update - DRAFT [PDF]

Proposed Industrial Area Future Land Use District [PDF]

March 2012 BOC Presentation on Comprehensive Plan Survey [PDF]

2012 Comprehensive Plan Hearing Video



Temporary Construction Fee Deferral Program (June - December 2009) [PDF]

2010 Georgia State Minimum Standard Codes [PDF]