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The Accounting Division is responsible for collecting fines and fees as ordered by the Court on traffic and misdemeanor cases as well as restitution that is ordered by the Court. Fine payments on payable traffic citations are also collected.

The Accounting Division is also responsible for disbursing money collected by the court. For example, they refund cash bonds and disburse garnishment and restitution monies paid into the court. In addition, this division assists a large number of people both in person as well as on the phone and is also responsible for processing fine payments received by mail and on-line.

In Fiscal Year 2017 (October, 2016 - September, 2017), the State Court Clerk's Office collected $14.7 million in fines, fees, and court costs. After mandated deductions, 5.3 million was deposited in the County's general fund.



Cash Bond Refunds

A cash bond may be refunded only after a case is completed and all paperwork is signed by a Judge. A case is considered completed once the defendant has either gone before the judge and been sentenced, adjudicated not guilty, or the case has been dismissed. A cash bond can be refunded only to the person who posted the bond and whose name appears on the bond receipt. That person needs to bring the pink copy of the bond receipt (received at the time the bond was posted) to the Accounting Division located on the 2nd floor of the State Court Building. Proper I.D. is required to receive a bond refund. Once this criteria is met, your bond will be refunded by check.



Disbursement of Funds

Garnishment funds will be disbursed to the Plaintiff’s attorney, or to the Plaintiff if they are not represented by an attorney. Garnishment funds must be held for 21 days. After 21 days and provided that the proper paperwork has been filed, the Clerk will automatically disburse this money and mail it to the last known address of the Plaintiff’s attorney/Plaintiff. If you have a garnishment case pending with this Court it is extremely important to notify the Court in writing of any change of address.



Method of Payment

Court ordered restitution will be disbursed within approximately 30 days from the day that it is paid into the Court. This money will be mailed to the victim/recipient at his/her last known address. If you have restitution owed to you by this Court it is extremely important to notify the Court in writing of any change of address.

*Payable citations may be paid via the Internet by accessing the online ticket payment site and through an automated phone system by calling 1 (844) 865-5234.

*Please note if paying in person by credit card, the cardholder must appear in person to sign the charge slip.



Civil Filing Fees

We accept cash, money order, cashier’s check, Visa, Master Card or debit card.

No personal checks accepted.

For payment of a traffic/misdemeanor fine or payment of a traffic citation we accept cash, money order, cashier's check or if paying in person Visa and Master Card credit or debit card.

No personal checks accepted.



Traffic/Misdemeanor Fines

We accept traffic/misdemeanor fines and payment of traffic citations through the mail (money order or cashier's check - no cash please). Please include with your payment the defendant’s name, case/citation number(s) and court date.

For faster more efficient service and to avoid our peak hours you may want to appear after 11:00 a.m. when paying payable traffic citations or traffic/misdemeanor fines.