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Cobb's outdoor program offers many opportunities for you to enjoy nature. Educational programs are offered for all ages. Trails are available for hiking, jogging and cycling. Natural parks provide an opportunity to explore nature.

Whether you want outdoors for exercise, education or adventure, we have something just for you.

Cobb County Trail Planning Map

Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) has several trail networks with proposals for a countywide system to connect major areas of the county. This network of trails accommodates pedestrians and bicyclists while providing transportation alternatives to ease congestion. Although portions of the trail system are recreational, they provide connectivity between cities, access to regional activity centers, and a healthy commuting option for travelers who wish to avoid the congestion of some county thoroughfares.

Trails located in Cobb County Parks
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Al Bishop Complex  -  Natural surface 1.5 mile loop cross country trail about 10 feet wide. It winds through the woods, circles around the ball fields, shares the sidewalk and come back to the parking lot.

Skip Wells Park (formerly Bells Ferry Park)  -  Short .2 mile natural surface fitness trail at the back of the lower parking lot.

Big Shanty Park  - 1.5 mile natural surface loop that starts and ends at the playground.

Cato Park  -  1/2 mile natural surface loop around the pond & through the woods.  For educational purposes only.

Allatoona Creek Park (formerly Corps Property)  -  14 miles of natural surface trails used for hiking, biking and equestrian.

Clarkdale Park  -  1/2 mile natural surface loop that starts at the senior center.

East Cobb/Fullers Parks -  1 mile of trails with part being paved and part natural surface.  Part of the natural surface trail connects both parks via a bridge over Sewell Creek.

Fair Oaks Park  -  A short slate surface .4 mile trail.

Harrison Park  -  Several natural surface trails totaling 1 mile.

Heritage Park  -  1.7 mile trail of natural surface, boardwalk and graveled easement that travels from the parking lot off Nickajack & Fontaine Roads to The Silver Comet Trail.

Hurt Road Park -  Short .2 mile slate surface trail.

Kennworth Park  -  Soft, natural surface .4 mile fitness trail that starts at the ball field and wraps around the back of the senior center.

Larry Bell Park -  Paved 1/4 mile walking track behind the Gymnastics Center.

Lost Mountain Park  -  1.2 mile slate trail wraps around  both softball complexes.  A 2 mile natural surface trail around the pond and lower softball hub.

Mud Creek Park  -  1/2 mile concrete track around the soccer fields.

Price Park  -  Several natural surface trails totaling 1 mile through the meadow & woods, & along the creek.

Rhyne Park  -  Short .2 mile natural surface fitness trail.

Silver Comet Trail  -  Paved 12.8 mile trail with additional 1/4 mile equestrian trail at the Florence Road Trailhead.
Stout Park  -  1.0 mile natural surface (unmarked) equestrian trails throughout the property.

Sweat Mountain Park  -  Multiple natural surface trails totaling .4 miles running through the property.

Wright Environmental Education Center  - Two natural surface, wooded,  loop trails that total .6 miles.  For educational purposed only.


Natural Resources Staff
Charlie Monroe - Recreation Program Manager
John Purcell - Recreation Coordinator
Kevin Hill - Recreation Coordinator
(770) 528-8840
(770) 528-8825
(770) 528-8829


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