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What can GIS do?

Interpret and Visualize Data – identify relationships, patterns, or trends

Model Scenarios - test various hypotheses and see outcomes visually

Integrate Systems – bring together disparate data and technology

Facilitate and Improve Decision-Making – include geography

A GIS can be particularly effective as a decision-making tool in such areas as:

  • Economic development analysis
  • Management of the environment and natural resources
  • Infrastructure management - transportation, water and sewer
  • Property records management
  • Comprehensive planning and zoning
  • Public Safety - fire and police

A GIS can help answer spatial analysis questions:

  • Where is a particular feature? (facility, hydrant, parcel, street, etc.)
  • What features are within x-number of feet or miles of this other feature?
  • How many linear miles of roads will be resurfaced?
  • What is the shortest route between this location and another?
  • What is the fastest route?
  • Where is the nearest police or fire unit that can respond?