Cobb County Government
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The mission of Cobb County's Geographic Information System (GIS) is to create, operate, and maintain an efficient, cost-effective geographic information system through the use of specialized computer, mapping and digital aerial photography technologies in support of the Board of Commissioners, elected officials, and county departments.

Cobb's GIS will collaborate with other government and non-government entities to provide responsive and useful location-based services to customers.



Current Projects

  • Integrate GIS citizen reporting and feedback through mobile technologies.
  • Development of mobile, desktop and Web-based GIS applications to enhance staff and public access to geospatial data.
  • Ongoing digital GIS updates to over 400 GIS datasets including: Parcels, Transportation Networks, Water Utilities, Land Management, Zoning, Addressing and many others.
  • Integration of GIS and GPS with various permitting and asset management business applications to streamline workflow.



Future Goals

  • Continue update of four cornerstone layers (digital orthophoto base map, 2-foot contours, parcels, and transportation network) and other enterprise GIS databases.
  • Develop additional mobile map applications to facilitate varying staff and citizen GIS needs.