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General Information

General Information about jury service, including the Juror Donation Program and interpreter requests.

The Cobb County Superior Court is responsible for handling cases involving felonies, civil disputes, real estate matters, and family and domestic concerns.

When you receive a Jury Summons for Cobb Superior Court, it is a subpoena to appear as a potential juror. You have been randomly selected by a computer to provide a good cross section of the community. It is a United States Citizen’s highest privilege, and patriotic duty. It also gives you an opportunity to see how the courts in your community function under the law.Georgia law requires that it is mandatory that you serve as a juror, unless you have a legal exemption under the Georgia State Law. A person’s occupation, business, or economic status is not a legal exemption.

When you receive your jury summons, please read it carefully for instructions and information. Keep the top portion, and return the bottom portion that is labeled “Juror Information Form.” This is important, as attorneys in the courtroom will question you as a potential juror in order to assist in selecting the jury to try the case. Use of these questionnaires can expedite the jury process.


Juror Text Messages

Opt-in to receive text messages, Text: follow cobbsupctjury to (40404)

Jurors who would like to receive abbreviated daily instructions message may opt-in to receive instructions via text. You may simply Text: follow cobbsupctjury to (40404). Or simply follow our Twitter account @cobbsupctjury. It is advisable to opt-in to receive texts the day before your service starts, otherwise you will receive messages that do not regard your jury service. If you do not receive a text message between our operational hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, you will need to call the daily juror instructions recording (770)528-1804.

To stop receiving messages: Text: unfollow @ cobbsupctjury to stop receiving text messages.


Need An Interpreter?

For interpreting services, please contact the Interpreter Program at 770-528-1861, or


Petit Jury

Your jury service can last an average of one week. You will be asked to call the voice mail or check the Internet each evening after 6:00 to see if you will need to report for jury duty the next day or not. A juror is paid $25.00 per day, for the days they are physically here. The days you are not required to appear for jury duty, you can resume your normal daily activities.


Grand Jury

The Grand Jury consists of twenty-three (23) members and two (2) alternates. Grand Jurors serve for a two month term. The Grand Jury generally meets one to two days per week. Persons ineligible for service on a Grand Jury are elected officials in state or local government or those who have held office within two years preceding service as a Grand Juror.


Juror Donation Program

As a juror in Cobb County Superior Court, you have the unique opportunity to give even more back to your community through our Juror Fee Donation Program.

By checking the appropriate box on the form you will be given, you can donate the fee you would normally receive for your jury service ($25.00 a day) to one of the designated areas within the county.

The money would go to capital improvement projects & operating purposes only. You will receive a certificate showing the amount you donated and to which area. Your donation is tax deductible.  Only one choice can be made. Your choices will be: Cobb County Animal Shelter, Cobb Trees Program, Focus on Forever: A Marital Seminar, Cobb Parks & Recreation, Cobb Public Library System & Cobb Senior Services.

The donation program is completely optional.



The Constitution of the United States guarantees everyone the right to a trial by a jury of his/her peers, and therefore juries have a long standing tradition in American jurisprudence. The Superior Court Jury Administration Office is responsible for summoning Cobb County citizens to serve as jurors on petit and grand jury panels. Petit jurors can serve on either criminal or civil juries, while grand jurors hand down indictments in criminal actions and perform other types of investigatory functions.

In 2017, The Superior Court of Cobb County heard 58 jury trials. Although 10,463 were summoned for jury duty and 4,514 reported for jury service, only 726 were actually chosen to sit on a jury. Those jurors chosen served an average of 3.3 days.