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Juror Deferment & Exemptions

Information regarding deferments and submitting an exemption. 

Rules of the Court

Under Georgia State Law, exemptions are granted to the following properly documented persons:

Persons who are permanently disabled either mentally or physically, will be excused upon receipt of proper documentation from their medical physician. The documentation must state a permanent disability exists to excuse you. A Medical Affidavit form is attached to summons for your convenience. 

Persons age 70 or older who do not wish to serve may file an affidavit requesting their name be removed from the jury list. An affidavit form is attached to summons for your convenience.

Full-time students at a college, university, vocational school or other post-secondary school who request to be excused or deferred must provide documentation from their school registrar's office. This must be submitted at least two weeks prior to jury date.

Any person who is a primary caregiver having active care and custody of a child six years of age or under who has no alternative child care available must sign an affidavit available online. This must be submitted at least two weeks prior to jury date.

If you are a primary teacher in a home you may request to be excused or deferred if you are in a home study program and have no reasonably available alternative teacher. An affidavit must be submitted two weeks prior to jury date.  

As a full time employee your employer may not discriminate against you in any manner due to your jury service. If you need a copy of the law, O.C.G.A..34-1-3(a) and O.C.G.A.. 34-1-3(b), you may contact our office at 770-528-1801, or you may contact your local law library.

Exemption Forms 

Child Care Affidavit [PDF]

Medical Affidavit [PDF]

Convicted Felon Affidavit [PDF]

Non-Citizen Affidavit [PDF]

Non-English Affidavit [PDF]

Non-Resident Affidavit [PDF]

Home School Affidavit [PDF]

Over 70 Years Old Affidavit [PDF]

Primary Unpaid Caregiver Affidavit [PDF]

Sole Care Provider [PDF]

Juror Georgia State Law [PDF]


By law jurors are permitted a maximum of one deferment. A deferment request must be made two weeks notice prior to your service date.

The deferment time frame is a maximum of eight weeks. For a longer deferment, the juror must have a doctor's letter or medical affidavit with an expected recovery time.

We require a written letter for our records as to why you would like a deferment, and when within the next eight weeks you would be available to serve. You may choose one of three ways; fax your letter to 770-528-1808, email your written request to, or you may send us a letter in the mail. 


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