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Community Affairs Unit

Police shieldThe Cobb County Police Department now has a Community Affairs Unit. The Units goal is to foster the relationship between the police and the citizens of Cobb County in order to have a positive police-community relationship. The Unit is supervised by Sgt. Jeff Tatroe and staffed by the following officers:

  • Fernando Pharr – Pct. 1 area 
  • Neil Penirelli and Stephen DeLoach – Pct. 2 area 
  • Randall Foley – Pct. 3 area 
  • Nathalie Jegg – Pct. 4 area 
  • Jamaar Hicks – Pct. 5 area 

The Community Affairs Unit has many programs that help build a bridge which enables residents and law enforcement to communicate, collaborate, and work together to build safer, more caring communities. Contact Sgt. Jeff Tatroe at 770-499-3981 to see how the Community Affairs Unit can be involved with school, neighborhood, business, homeowners association, etc.

The Code Enforcement Division will continue to investigate and enforce zoning complaints from the public on a daily basis.