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Cobb County Register of Historic Places (CCRHP)

Cobb County has a historic preservation ordinance that allows the county to designate properties as historic and list them in the Cobb County Register of Historic Places. These districts, buildings or sites should: (1) have special character or special historic or aesthetic value or interest; (2) be an outstanding example of a structure representative of its era; (3) be one of the few remaining examples of past architectural style; or (4) be a place or structure associated with an event or person of historic or cultural significance to the county, the state or the region.

Nominations to the Cobb Register go before the Historic Preservation Commission for their recommendation. The final decision is made by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners regarding the designation. Once a property is designated, any exterior “material” changes must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Cobb Register Nomination Form

National Register vs. Local Register [PDF]



Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Any exterior “material” changes to a property listed in the Cobb Register must be reviewed by the Cobb County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). If the proposed changes meet the associated guidelines, then the Historic Preservation Commission will grant a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). A property owner must obtain the COA before any work commences or before applying for a building permit. The goal of the required HPC review is to ensure that the historic character of the building and/or site remains intact. “Material” changes include any additions to the building; changing rooflines; replacement of doors, windows, siding, roofs or porches; or any changes that will alter the historic character of the property.

The Historic Preservation Commission will utilize the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation for review of changes to all Cobb Register properties, with the exception of the Clarkdale Mill Village Historic District, which has its own set of design guidelines. Links to these standards and guidelines are below.

The COA application and procedures can be found below. Please contact the Historic Preservation Planner with any questions.

COA Application

COA Submittal Criteria [PDF]

COA Steps [PDF]

Obtaining a COA [PDF]

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation [PDF]

Clarkdale Design Guidelines [PDF]