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Abandoned Motor Vehicle
Includes instruction sheet, subject to lien notice, addidavit for foreclosure of lien against abandoned motor vehicle, request for hearing, notice of hearing, order to foreclose abandoned motor vehicle, DMVS telephone number.

Bad Check Application
Used by merchants and individuals to obtain a criminal bad check citation/warrant.

Bad Check Notice (Civil)
Letter written to the maker of a bad check demanding payment plus costs prior to filing a civil suit.

Bad Check Notice (Criminal)
Used to notify the writer of the check that the check will be turned over to the Magistrate Court as a citation and allows them to make the check good, prior to filing criminal charges.

Child Support Garnishment Form

Collecting Your Judgment
If you receive a judgment and you are not voluntarily paid, this form provides several methods of collection.

Election of Option
Form to be used by Sheriff’s Office to obtain the personal property foreclosure.

Financial Institution Garnishment Form

Interrogatories Form
Written questions sent to the losing party to try to find out what cash and other assets the loser has to satisfy the judgment.

Interrogatories Instructions
5 steps to the interrogatories

Introduction to Small Claims
What you need to know about small claims.

Mechanic's Lien
Includes instruction sheet, mechanic's lien form with notice (O.C.G.A 40-3-54), order, DMVS telephone number.

Open Records Form
To request records under the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-70), please fill out the above form.

Personal Property Foreclosure
Includes instruction sheet, affidavit for foreclosure of personal property, application and writ of possession - order, notice of hearing, personal property foreclosure summons, order.

Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over (Eviction Form)
This form is used to evict someone out of the premises.

Property Demand Letter
Letter written to any unauthorized holder of property, demanding the return of the property within five days, allowing them to return the property, prior to filing criminal charges.

Sheriff's Service Sheet
This form must be completed in order for the Sheriff to serve a civil small claims suit on the defendant.

Regular Garnishment Form

Request for Sheriff's ReService Sheet
This form must be completed in order for the Sheriff to ReServe a civil small claims suit on the defendant.

Statement of Claim
Used by the plaintiff in a civil small claims suit to explain why they are suing the defendant(s), as well as disclose to the defendant the amount of money for which they are suing.

Wage Garnishment Form

Writ of Possession
Order granting Defendant to surrender said personal property to Plaintiff in retention or disposition, (or) advertise and sell same as in the case of levy and sale.