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What deaths fall under the jurisdiction of the Cobb County Medical Examiner?

The deaths that fall under the jurisdiction of the Cobb County Medical Examiner are defined by § 45-16-24 (The Georgia Death Investigation Act) as deaths that occur:

(1) As a result of violence;
(2) By suicide or casualty;
(3) Suddenly when in apparent good health;
(4) When unattended by a physician;1
(5) In any suspicious or unusual manner, with particular attention to those persons 16 years of age and under;
(6) After birth but before seven years of age if the death is unexpected or unexplained;
(7) As a result of an execution carried out pursuant to the imposition of the death penalty under Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17;
(8) When an inmate of a state hospital or a state, county, or city penal institution; or
(9) After having been admitted to a hospital in an unconscious state and without regaining consciousness within 24 hours of admission.

1§ 45-16-21. Definitions. "Unattended death," "died unattended," or "died unattended by a physician" means a death where a person dies of apparently natural causes and has no physician who can certify the death as being due to natural causes. If the suspected cause of death directly involves any trauma or complication of such trauma, the death must be reported to the coroner or county medical examiner. An unattended death also occurs when a person is admitted in an unresponsive state to a hospital and dies within 24 hours of admission.




The municipalities served by the Cobb County Medical Examiner Office include Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Acworth, Powder Springs, and Austell. The Cobb County Medical Examiner additionally covers two federal parks and the unincorporated areas of Cobb County.

Deaths occurring within Cobb County fall under the jurisdiction of the CCME with some exceptions such as those deaths occurring on state property and are thus investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and military personnel who die on Dobbins Air Reserve Base and fall under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System.

Additionally, deaths that occur outside of Cobb County, but resulted from an injury that occurred within Cobb County, also fall under the CCME jurisdiction.



Are all deaths in Cobb County the jurisdiction of the Cobb County Medical Examiner?

Upon the reporting of a death to the Cobb County Medical Examiner, jurisdiction of the case is either declined or accepted. Cases are declined because the case belongs to another jurisdiction for investigation or the case need not have been reported to the CCME and a treating physician of the decedent should sign the death certificate. Cases accepted for jurisdiction by the CCME means that the death certificate will be signed by the Medical Examiner.