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The Veterinary Services Department includes Dr. Amy Belew, the staff veterinarian, Michelle Hartline, the certified veterinary technician, and two Animal Services Officers permanently assigned to Vet Services. The primary objective of Vet Services is the spay or neuter of the majority of animals that are adopted or rescued from CCAS with the ultimate goal to be fewer unwanted or unplanned litters of puppies and kittens and therefore a reduction of homeless pets within the county. Vet Services also provides medical care for the animals that are housed at the shelter, within the limits of the resources available to the staff. Vet Services does not provide care to any privately owned animals, which include those that have been adopted from the shelter.



What do I do if the pet I have adopted is sick?

If your pet has an illness that was not disclosed to you at the time of adoption AND it has been five days or less, you may return your adopted pet for a refund. If it has been longer than five days or if the illness is one that you knew about at the time of adoption, it is your responsibility to take your pet to a regular veterinarian for care. The Veterinary Services Department of Cobb County Animal Services does not provide care to any privately owned animals including those adopted from the CCAS shelter.