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Rules for Public Hearings*

*Section and paragraph references in italics belong to the BOC Rules of Procedure document linked above.

Regular BOC Meetings

Persons wishing to address the Board of Commissioners in duly advertised public hearings will be heard in the order in which they come forward upon announcement of the hearing, without regard to whether the person is speaking in favor or against the matter. Each speaker is generally allotted a maximum of three (3) minutes. Sec. 1.09.08

BOC Zoning Hearings, BZA Hearings, Planning Commission Zoning Hearings

Representatives/applicants, as a group, and representatives/opponents, as a group, shall be given a maximum of ten (10) minutes for each side to present its case, unless, by general consensus, more time is allotted. The Clerk shall be responsible for keeping time. Any groups which are present are encouraged to choose a spokes person to present their views. Re-adopted Rules and Procedures of the BOC, BZA and PC