Cobb County Government
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Rules for Public Comments*

*Section and paragraph references in italics belong to the BOC Rules of Procedure document linked above.

Regular BOC Meetings

(Near beginning and end of meetings)

Those persons who are signed up will be called upon by the County Attorney. Each speaker will be allotted a maximum of five (5) minutes to address the Board, observing these duly adopted policies.

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners welcomes visitors to Board meetings and is willing to hear any person or persons desiring to appear before the Board who is not currently an announced candidate for public office or a salaried member of the county staff, provided the person’s comments do not violate the broadcasting policies of CobbTV as duly adopted from time to time. Sec. 1.09

Each speaker will be allotted a maximum of five (5) minutes for their presentation. Sec. 1.09.01a

All remarks shall be made to the commission as a body and addressed through the Chair. Remarks shall not be made to a particular Commissioner. Sec. 1.09.03

No person shall be allowed to make impertinent, derogatory, offensive or slanderous remarks while addressing the Commission. Sec. 1.09.05

CobbTV Broadcasting Policy

Endorsements: At no time will the Government Access Channel be utilized to endorse a [ballot] issue, candidate, specific person, company or brand name product. par. F

Promotions: Promotional announcements for county and/or municipal sponsored events will be permitted. Promotional announcement for events, charities or outside organizations not government sponsored shall not be permitted. par. G