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Youth softball in Cobb is conducted by volunteer organizations that use Cobb facilities for practices and games. If you wish to become involved in an activity, please call or e-mail the association of your choice or contact a staff member of the Athletics Unit.

Registration Information
Each softball association holds registration at times determined by the association. Please contact the association or see their web site for specific information regarding their registrations. General registration information is as follows:

Spring Softball

  • Registration begins in January
  • Season begins in March
  • Information available for spring softball in December.

Fall Softball

  • Registration begins in August
  • Season begins in September
  • Information available for fall softball in July


Eastern District

Sandy Plains Softball Association
Sandy Plains Park and Skip Wells Park (formerly Bells Ferry Park)
Ages 5-19

Terrell Mill Softball
Terrell Mill Park
Ages 5-19
(770) 591-3161

Central District

Milford Girls Softball Association
Hurt Road Park
Ages 4-19

Rhyne Park Girls Softball Association
Rhyne Park
Ages 5-19

Western District

Kennworth Park Recreation Association
Kennworth Park
Ages 5-19

West Cobb Girls Softball Association
Lost Mountain Park
Ages 4-19