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2015 'Fun in the Park' Photo Contest - Results

Entries have been submitted for the 2015 'Fun in the Park' Photo Contest and the entries have been reviewed by a panel of judges.  There were over 70 entries for the judges to review. Many great photos were submitted making it very difficult for the judges to select the very best.Here are the winners of the 2015 'Fun in the Park' Photo Contest. Thank you to everyone who participated - start taking your photos for the 2016 contest!!! You can view all the entries here.



 General Category
 1 - Craig Ehler G 2  2 - David R Robinson  General 04
 1st Place - Craig Ehler  2nd Place - David Robinson
 3 - G Liliana Cermeno  4 - David R Robinson  General 06
 3rd Place - Liliana Cermeno  Honorable Mention - David Robinson
4 - G Larry Schnall Father and son priceless memories  
Honorable Mention - Larry Schnall  

 Nature and Wildlife
 1 - Kevin Hill NW 05  2 - Katie Bryant NW 01
 1st Place - Kevin Hill  2nd Place - Katie Bryant
 3 - JohnPurcell NW photo1  4 - Kevin Hill
 3rd Place - John Purcell  Honorable Mention - Kevin Hill
4 - NW Vicki Reyzelman 1  
Honorable Mention - Vicki Reyzelman  

 Sports and Action
 1 - Larry Schnall Spiderman in training  2 - JohnPurcell SA photo2
 1st Place - Larry Schnall  2nd Place - John Purcell
 3 - David R Robinson  SA 09  4 - SA Larry Schnall Spider Daddy
 3rd Place - David Robinson  Honorable Mention - Larry Schnall