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Volunteers Welcome!

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Do you enjoy working with students or meeting people? Do you have a passion for preserving our environment and want to educate others about our precious water supply? We need you! Volunteers are a great addition to the success of our many programs. Whether it is just for an hour, or if you want to be involved on a regular basis, the Water Efficiency Program appreciates the commitment that you have to the environment and your efforts to assist us in educating others on water conservation.

In the classroom there is always a need for extra help. As a Volunteer you could be:


Assisting staff person during classes Keeping students engaged

Taking photographs

Setting up demonstration area

Passing out materials

Reading stories

Assisting students with craft projects or experiments



At civic presentations and community outreach events, we need your help:


Greeting visitors Passing out information

Registering people for our newsletter

Playing games with the visitors

Setting up and breaking down displays

Handing out prizes and giveaways


photoWater is a valuable resource that many take for granted. Cobb County Water System’s Water Efficiency Program is here to assist residents of Cobb with water saving practices and ways to lower their bill. You can be an important part of the water education programs offered to help others in Cobb County strive toward responsible management of this essential resource. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!