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Water Efficiency


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Non-commercial Toilet Rebate

This program is available for Cobb County Water System customers whose homes were completed before 1993. The goal of the program is to retrofit such homes with low flow fixtures. Homes constructed during 1993 and after already have low flow toilets because the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandated.

Master metered townhome and condo associations are considered multi-family accounts. These residents are not eligible for the single-family program since it is a credit applied to the participant's water bill.

Yes. In order to qualify for this program, you must be a customer of Cobb County Water System. City water customers are not eligible for this program.

If you have a particular plumbing situation where none of the approved toilets will fit in your existing home, please contact Cobb Water at 770-419-6244, prior to purchasing them to discuss the situation.

Eligible customers can visit the WaterSense website to view the list of approved toilets and download an application from our website or receive the information by contacting the Water Efficiency Office at 770-419-6244. After purchasing the toilet and having it installed, the customer must complete the application and send it, along with the original receipt, to the Water Efficiency Office at 660 South Cobb Dr. Marietta, GA 30060. To ensure you receive the credit, please include the model number of the toilet, removed from the box, if not listed on the receipt. The application will be reviewed, and provided funding is still available for the program, a credit will be issued on the customer's water bill.

The toilet rebate program has a designated annual budget. Customers are advised to check with the Water Efficiency Office to see if funds are available. The Water Efficiency Office cannot guarantee funds will be available when your application is received. The customer must have purchased a toilet from the approved lists and be in a home built prior to 1993.

These toilets are the only toilets eligible for a $100.00 rebate. WaterSense is the Environmental Protection Agency's labeling program for water efficiency, modeled after the Energy Star labeling program. The WaterSense labeled toilets only use an average of 1.28 gallons of water per flush and have passed rigorous third-party testing standards.

Most toilets are sold in two pieces. Be sure to get both a tank and bowl that are listed together on the toilet lists. A representative at the retailer should be able to assist you with this. Make sure and bring the lists with you to the retailer.

No. As long as the toilet is WaterSense labeled, a customer can buy it from any retailer, even online, but we do need the original invoice sent in with the application. Cobb Water System advises customers keep a copy of the receipt, for their records.

It may be possible that a new wax ring or additional bolts may be needed when purchasing the toilet. Please work with your retailer or plumber to ensure you have all the equipment you need to have a working toilet.

Yes. Cobb County Water System realizes many homes in Cobb County have more than one bathroom. The program is limited to three toilets per household.

No. The decision on installation is up to the individual customer.

Probably not. Cobb County Water System has informed local retailers about the program and encouraged them to carry stock. No retailer will have every toilet, but approved toilets are available locally.

This program is for residential customers only.

If the property meets the program qualifications a rebate will be issued as a credit to the water bill of the account holder at the rental property. If you are not the account holder it will be credited to the current water account holder's bill (renter). Cobb County Water System will not become involved in renter landlord disputes.

Commercial Toilet Rebate

This program is available for Cobb County Water System’s customers that are billed commercial water rates including: multi-family housing, schools, businesses, hospitality, etc. The property must have been built in 1992 or earlier and have toilets that use more than 1.6 gallons per flush. The goal of the program is to retrofit these properties with high-efficiency fixtures. Buildings constructed during 1993 and after were required to have low flow toilets because the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandated low flow fixtures in all new construction.

Yes. In order to qualify for this program, your property must receive a water bill from Cobb County Water System. The rebate is a credit on the account holder’s water bill. We cannot issue a credit if there is no water bill. We do not issue cash or checks for the rebate program.

As long as the property was built in 1992 or earlier, the property can purchase EPA WaterSense labeled toilets and submit the original receipts, and proof of both installation and property age to

Cobb County Water System
Toilet Rebate Program
660 South Cobb Dr.
Marietta, GA 30060

A master-metered townhome or condo association can participate through the normal application process, but the application must be made by the account holder. Cobb County Water System will only issue a credit to the community’s water account. Any disbursement or credits to individual residents of the community is solely the account holder’s responsibility.

No. Cobb County Water System’s rebate is only issued as a credit on the active water account. Each community will need to agree on how they will credit or reimburse their residents who participate. Cobb Water only has a fiduciary responsibility with the account holder of the master metered water account, not the individual residents within the community. Cobb County Water System will only issue a credit to the community’s water account. Any disbursement or credits to individual residents of the community is solely the account holder’s responsibility.

Condo associations can participate in the program, but rebate credits will be applied to the association’s water account. We cannot give individual rebates to condo owners without a Cobb County Water System account. We only have a fiduciary relationship with our account holder. If the condo association wishes to participate in the program, the association president or management company should review the procedure for participating in the rebate program and determining how they will credit participating residents.

Only toilets that have received the USEPA WaterSense label are eligible for a rebate of $50.00 per toilet up to 100 toilets or $5,000.00 per property. These toilets have been certified by a third party to ensure high performance and long-term water savings. Look for the WaterSense Label to ensure the product installed qualifies for the rebate.

watersense toilet

No, but we will only process one commercial rebate per property. It is most beneficial to the property to rebate as many toilets as possible at once. The cap on the rebate program is 100 toilets per property. How a property handles this is up to them.

Cobb County Water System does not require that the property recycle the old toilets but they highly recommend that the toilets be recycled. Patterson Inc. in Mableton has the ability to recycle these toilets. Information about Patterson is listed below.

  1. For 1-3 toilets, the fee is $5 per toilet.
  2. For a pick-up load of 4-10 toilets, the fee is $185.00 – the same charge for a 12-yard dumpster, the smallest dumpster Patterson provides.

For more information, call 404-505-1449 or email

Patterson Industries, Inc.
5800 Riverview Road
Mableton, GA 30126

If you choose not to recycle, you will need to discuss disposal with your waste hauler.

Yes. This program is available for all non-single family residential customers.

General Questions

Yes. Our staff speaks to civic groups, garden clubs, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, or any organization on a variety of water supply and demand issues

Cobb County Water System provides materials free of charge to help customers save water. We have outdoor and indoor kits as well as written information. The indoor kits are most effective in a home built before 1993. You can contact the Water Efficiency Office to receive these materials.

Use your water bill. Take the amount of water consumed (8,000 gallons), divide by the number of days in service, this is how much water your family uses every day. Divide by the number of people living there and that is how much water each person uses.

Cobb County takes management of the system very seriously. We have a leak repair prioritization policy. The most severe leaks, causing the most damage and water loss are repaired first. due to limited staff, this may mean smaller leaks take a little more time to repair.