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1. Can teams register for your leagues on-line?

Yes. If you are a returning team and already have your PIN # and Log-in ID #. Additional information will be required from the team manager. Forms are on our website on our Informational Downloads page. New teams must register in person.

2. Will teams that are returning for the next season be automatically registered by P.A.R.K.S. Sports staff?

No. All teams must register again each season in every sport. We send out registration information to returning teams. Teams are considered returning if they participated in the same league/park as the previous year. (2017 Spring/Summer to 2018 Spring/Summer – not Fall 2017)

3. Do returning teams get registration priority over new teams?

Yes, registration is opened up to new teams only after the priority period set aside for returning teams has been completed.

4. Do I have to pay the full registration cost at the time I register my team?

Yes. You can pay by cash, check, money order or credit card (MC or VISA)

5. When is registration for each sport?

  • Softball: Mid February for Spring/Summer, mid July for Fall
  • Kickball: Mid February for Spring/Summer, mid July for Fall
  • Football: Mid November Winter, early February for Spring and Mid August for Fall
  • Basketball: Early May for Summer, Early October for Winter

6. What are the registration fees per team for each sport?

  • Softball: $400 Spring/Summer; $400 Fall – 10 games
  • Kickball: $250 Spring/Summer; $250 Fall – 10 games
  • Football: $450 Winter, Spring & Fall – 7 games
  • Basketball: $350 Winter; $350 Summer – 7 games + tournament for the top teams.

7. What is included in my team's registration fee?

Fees cover costs of officials, balls, scorekeepers, user fees, t-shirts and team trophy for the league champions.

8. Will I receive a confirmation of my team registration?

Yes. A receipt will be mailed to you or be given to you if you registered in person.

9. What is the next step after registration?

For some sports, there will be a manager’s meeting to discuss rules and regulations and hand out the schedules. If there isn’t a meeting the team manager will receive the schedule & via email or it can be acquired form our web site on a given date.

10. How many playing seasons do you have for each sport?

  • Softball: 2 seasons (Spring/Summer and Fall)
  • Kickball: 2 seasons (Spring/Summer and Fall)
  • Flag Football: 3 seasons (Spring, Fall, and Winter) - GRPA Championship play-off is included in the Fall fee
  • Basketball: 2 seasons (Summer and Winter)

11. What flag football, kickball and basketball leagues do you offer?

  • Flag Football: Men's Open and Coed
  • Kickball: Coed
  • Basketball: Men's B, Men's C, Men’s D and Women’s open. Men’s B is the more competitive league.

12. What softball leagues do you offer?

Major (5 Home runs), Competitive (3 Home runs) and Recreational (1 Home run)

13. When do you generally play your games?

All games are usually scheduled one night per week, Mondays through Fridays in the evenings. We do not play games on weekends unless it becomes necessary to use weekends to make up games that have been rained out.

14. Why do you play your games during holiday weeks?

Games are scheduled whenever Cobb County Government employees are required to work. Games are not scheduled on Good Friday, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do schedule games on Halloween, however, since this is not an official national holiday. We also schedule games during the spring and/or fall breaks of all local school districts.

15. Do you register individuals wishing to play on a team?

No. We register teams only.

16. I have just moved to the area. How do I get on a team?

For each sport we maintain a “free agents” list of individuals wishing to get on a team. You can call the Adult Athletic office at 770 -528-8860 to leave your name, phone number, sport and position you are interested in, and level of play. Occasionally, this free agent list of individuals wishing to play is requested by managers who find that they have insufficient numbers to make up a team. We do not put individuals in direct contact with managers. Submitting your name does not guarantee that a team will contact you.

17. Is there any other way to try to get on a team?

For softball, kickball and football go out to the park where the adult leagues are scheduled and talk to the teams/players. Take your equipment in case they need you immediately. For basketball, go to the gym where games are being played to see if there is a chance to be added to a team. Basketball games are played from November-February and from June to July at Fullers Recreation Center located at 3499 Robinson Rd, Marietta, Ron Anderson Recreation Center located at 3820 Macedonia Rd, Powder Springs and Ward Recreation Center located at 4845 Dallas Highway, Powder Springs.
You can access the league schedules by clicking on the specific sport then scroll down to the box for League Schedules, Scores, and Standings.

18. How many home runs are allowed in each softball league?

Major (5 Home runs), Competitive (3 Home runs) and Recreational (1 Home run)

19. Can I play on more than one softball team?

Yes, as long as the teams are in different leagues.

20. What is the minimum age requirement for each sport?

  • Softball: 16
  • Kickball: 18
  • Football and Basketball: 18 (Open Leagues) and 16 (Church Leagues)

21. What is the maximum number allowed on the roster for each sport?

Softball, Football, Basketball and Kickball: 25

22. What is the required male/female ratio for coed softball, kickball and flag football teams?

Coed softball teams must start with 4 males and 4 females. The pitcher and catcher must be of opposite sex, and there must be 2 men and 2 women on the infield and 2 men and 2 women in the outfield. For coed football, there must be a total of 6 players (3 men and 3 women)

23. How many forfeits are allowed in a season?

P.A.R.K.S. reserves the right to drop a team from the league if the team forfeits more than 2 league games during the season. No refunds are given.

24. Can I get in touch with the manager of a team to see if he/she is planning to forfeit a game with me?

NO. That manager might tell you that he/she is not planning to play. That team could then show up and win by forfeit. Managers should call in a forfeit to their League Coordinator. Depending on timing, we will then do everything we can to let the other team know that there has been an officia forfeit.

25. How do I know if my game is rained out?

Cobb P.A.R.K.S. uses RAINEDOUT.COM for weather updates and general information regarding our adult softball leagues. If you want to receive an automated text or email about field closures please go to register.

Text ALBISHOP to 84483 to receive Al Bishop Complex alerts
Text SKIPWELLS to 84483 to receive Skip Wells Park (formerly Bells Ferry Park) alerts
Text KENNWORTH to 84483 to receive Kennworth Park alerts
Text NICKAJACK to 84483 to receive Nickajack Park alerts
Text TERRELL to 84483 to receive Terrell Mill Park alerts

26. If my game is rained out, where can I find make-up information?

If possible, we will include that information on the rainout message for your park. We will post make-up information on our website and at your playing location. In order to minimize verbal errors, we prefer not to give out schedule information or make-up information over the phone.

27. How do I find make-up information on your web site?

Make-up dates for rained-out games will be added to the league schedules throughout the season as needed.

28. If my team wins my league, when and where will awards be available?

First place and second place teams will receive their awards after the championship game or their last game of the season.

29. How can I become a sports official?

Please visit; - North GA Amateur Umpires Association.

For Information, contact:
Jeff Crowder, CPRP Athletics Manager 770-528-8821
Sheila Kracala Athletics Office Manager 770-528-8860
Jeff Abrams Athletics Coordinator-Western District 770-528-8896
Broddrick Archie Athletics Coordinator-Western District 770-528-8896
Dorian Cameron Athletics Coordinator-Eastern District 770-591-3162
Brody Whitlock, CPRP Athletics Coordinator-Eastern District 770-591-3161
Derrell Walker Athletics Coordinator Al Bishop Softball Complex 770-528-8862