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Outdoor Efficiency

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In Cobb County, we use about 60% more water in the spring and summer on outdoor uses.  In metro Atlanta, the water used outdoors is especially valuable.  Due to our granite bedrock, the outdoor water used for irrigation does not return to our water bodies for reuse.  Irrigation systems can use up to 50 gallons of water a minute. This can consume a lot of water and drive up water bills rapidly. It is important to have your irrigation system maintained by a certified irrigation professional.  There are simple ways to reduce your outdoor watering while still maintaining your landscape.

Cobb County’s Water Efficiency Program offers information and resources to help you maintain your yard while saving water and money.  Cobb County offers a free outdoor water efficiency kit to help you monitor rainfall and soil moisture.  If you are interested in a free outdoor kit please contact the Water Efficiency Office.

Maintaining Your Irrigation System

Automated irrigation systems can use 50% more water than manually watering your landscape. Small leaks and breaks can add up quickly. Before starting your system give it a checkup. For simple tips on how to evaluate your system click here pdf icon10x13.

Cobb County Water System recommends the use of licensed and certified irrigation and landscape professionals when inspecting and repairing your irrigation system. For more information on outdoor water use best practices contact the Water efficiency Office at 770-419-6374.


Hiring a Landscape or Irrigation Contractor

Your landscape is a big investment and proper irrigation and maintenance are essential to keeping your landscape looking good while still saving water and money. Finding the right professional to care for your yard and maintain your irrigation system starts with knowing what questions to ask. Click here for 10 important considerations when hiring a professional landscape or irrigation contractor. pdf icon10x13.