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Irrigation systems require routine maintenance and inspections, like any other part of your home. Mismatched sprinkler heads, over spray onto driveways and sidewalks, broken sprinklers, leaking valves, and cracked pipes can easily waste thousands of gallons of water a month. These malfunctioning systems not only waste water, but damage your plants by over or under watering plant material. Knowing how to set the timer and maintain your irrigation system is as essential as understanding a home heating and cooling system.

Cobb County’s Water Efficiency Program offers this at Home Irrigation System Audit to help homeowners better understand their system. Ideally this audit should be done annually before running your system for irrigation season. A complete audit by a certified landscape irrigation auditor is recommended at least every 2 years and prior to starting the system after an extended.

image  To download the Cobb County Water System Irrigation System Audit in a pdf format click the brochure cover pdf icon10x13.