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Stream Monitoring

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The Cobb County Water System’s Stream Monitoring Program conducts chemical, biological, and habitat sampling on local streams.  When simultaneously monitoring the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of a water body, the ecological integrity or health of the aquatic ecosystem can be determined (USEPA, 1990).

The county has supported a Stream Monitoring Program to collect data, assess water quality, determine stream health and fulfill permit requirements for over 30 years.  Initially developed as an early detection tool for identifying sources of water pollution, the program has evolved to meet current water quality monitoring permit requirements and prepare Cobb County for future regulatory directives.

The size and scope of the program, as well as the utilization of skills and resources within the Water System, distinguishes our program from other municipalities who rely on outside consultants.  With 92 chemical and 24 biological monitoring stations covering 21 stream watersheds, the Stream Monitoring Program samples all major streams and many tributaries within Cobb’s jurisdictional boundary.  With a vast treasury of historical, chemical, biological and habitat data, Cobb County is able to use trend analysis to identify and address areas of concern.