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Industrial Pretreatment Compliance & Regulations

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Code Of Cobb County, Georgia

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Division 2.  Enforcement
Sec. 122-41.  Violations.
Sec. 122-42.  Notice of violation.
Sec. 122-43.  Consent orders.
Sec. 122-44.  Show cause hearing.
Sec. 122-45.  Administrative orders and penalty.
Sec. 122-46.  Revocation of permit.
Sec. 122-47.  Termination of service; lien created by nonpayment of amounts due; interest on amounts due.
Sec. 122-48.  Civil liabilities and penalties.
Sec. 122-49.  Injunctive relief.
Sec. 122-50.  Reserved.
Sec. 122-51.  Reserved.
Sec. 122-52.  Enforcement actions cumulative.
Sec. 122-53.  Authority of department director to halt or prevent discharge of dangerous pollutants.
Sec. 122-54.  Affirmative defenses to discharge violations.
Sec. 122-55.  Bypassing.
Sec. 122-56.  Supplemental enforcement remedies.
Sec. 122-57.  Right to enter premises.
Sec. 122-58.  Right to obtain information.
Sec. 122-59.  Search warrants.
Sec. 122-60.  Safety rules.
Sec. 122-61.  Reserved.

Division 5.  General Use of Public Water and Wastewater Facilities
Sec. 122-151.  General.
Sec. 122-152.  Water system.
Sec. 122-153.  Wastewater system.
Sec. 122-154.  Phosphorus control.
Sec. 122-155.  Permanent easement restrictions.

Division 6.  Nondomestic Use of Public Wastewater Facilities
Sec. 122-181.  General sewer use requirements.
Sec. 122-182.  Significant contributing industries.
Sec. 122-183.  Wastewater permit application and questionnaire.
Sec. 122-184.  Discharge permits.
Sec. 122-185.  Sampling and testing procedures.
Sec. 122-186.  Reporting requirements.
Sec. 122-187.  Industrial pretreatment facilities.
Sec. 122-189.  High strength wastewater surcharge.
Sec. 122-190.  Procedure for uses to establish retainage for credit against wastewater service charges.
Sec. 122-191.  Wastewater discharge permits for discharges from leaking underground storage tank remediations.
Sec. 122-192.  Accidental discharges.

Federal Regulations:
General Pretreatment Regulations For Existing and New Sources of Pollution:
USEPA Pretreatment Regulations Title 40 CFR Part 403 (link)
Water Programs Part 136--Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants
USEPA Categorical Pretreatment Regulations Title 40 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter D (link)
Effluent Guidelines and Standards Parts 405-424
USEPA Categorical Pretreatment Regulations Title 40 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter N (link)
Effluent Guidelines and Standards Parts 425-471
USEPA Categorical Pretreatment Regulations Title 40 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter N (link)

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