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The Cobb County Water System’s capital improvement program includes several different types of construction projects that require the services of experienced and qualified contractors. In accordance with State laws and local ordinances, contractors are selected for these public works projects through a competitive bidding process or, at times, through a competitive proposal process.

Since many projects are similar in nature, the County has adopted a policy that allows each department to prequalify contractors for anticipated future work. The Water System's prequalification program has been developed for several specific types of construction, as follows:

  • waterdrop Routine, smaller-diameter water mains and sewer lines, typically involving conventional cut-and-cover construction methods. The "Water-Sewer Prequalification Package" is used by applicants interested in these projects.
  • waterdrop Sewer infrastructure rehabilitation, including the following sub-sets:
    • waterdrop Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation prequalification focuses on contractors experienced in specific methodology using pre-approved products. A separate "CIPP Rehab Prequalification Package" is provided for these applicants.
    • waterdrop Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation prequalification involves those contractors that recondition the internal surfaces of sewer manholes, junction structures, pump station wet wells, or other concrete surfaces using pre-approved products and procedures. The "Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Prequalification Package" contains the instructions and forms for applicants for this type of work.
  • waterdrop Large-diameter pipelines, pumping stations, or wastewater treatment plants are usually complex projects with unique requirements; therefore, a separate project-specific qualification process is utilized at the time of bid advertisement.
  • waterdrop Stormwater infrastructure construction involves the replacement or extension and modification of existing drainage facilities, usually executed through work orders under multi-year on-demand contracts. The prequalification of contractors for this work is handled by the Water System's Stormwater Management Division. To obtain further information from the Stormwater Division, click here.

Oftentimes, transportation construction projects in the County require the relocation of existing utilities, including the water and sewer facilities of the Cobb County Water System. While these projects are bid and managed by the Cobb County Department of Transportation, the contractor that actually performs the relocation work must be included on the Water System’s current List of Prequalified Contractors.

All contractors working on Water System facilities must be licensed as a Utility Contractor by the State of Georgia. Also, there are licensing requirements for other trades (e.g., electrical, low-voltage wiring, HVAC, and plumbing) that may be involved in pump station or treatment plant projects. To visit the Georgia Secretary of State website for further information on licensing, click here.

As with other County departments, current bid opportunities are listed on the Purchasing Department website, along with information regarding Vendor Registration, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation, and Georgia Security & Immigration Act requirements. To visit the Cobb County Purchasing Department website, click here .