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Recreational programs are provided for participants in a variety of interest areas including recreational sports, dance, arts and crafts, day camps, travel, social club activities and special events.


Therapeutic Winter/Spring Programs and Events
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Ambassadors Day Program
This program will accommodate specific needs from 9:00am – 4:00pm Tuesday through Thursday. There is an eligibility criteria for this program that requires an assessment before you can sign up for the program. The program is for mild to moderate intellectual disabled participants. The ratio will be 1-12 for mild and 1-8 for moderate. The participants will be divided into two groups depending on their skill levels. Participants will receive educational, recreation, and leisure activities. The fee will be $60 a week and $25 a day. We will be closed on all holidays. We also can give you information about the para-transit services program that Cobb Community Transit offers. If you are interested in obtaining information about this program please call 770-528-2562.

Check out these exciting activities offered in the Ambassadors Day Program:

Field Trips
Don't miss out on these great field trips offered this Fall. Trips are offered to various parks, museums, Cobb County 911 tour, Movie Theaters, different community establishments, and many more. Parents will be notified weekly and participants may need extra money for the trip.

Life Skills
These classes will consist of the participant learning how to fold clothes, personal hygiene, and other things that they may need to know how to do on a day to day basis. 

The participants will go to the library daily where they will learn numerous skills. The library is state of the art inside tailored for special needs individuals. In this library they will do everything from read books, checkout videos, use ipads, imacs, and plenty more.

Team Building Skills
Team building has benefits of self-development, positive communication, leadership skills, and the ability to work closely together as a team to solve problems. The group will come in everyday with a challenge that they have to accomplish together with the input of everyone in the group. 

Exercise Wii
Everyone knows playing the Wii is fun! The Nintendo® Wii™ is a video gaming system that directly involves the player in the game. The player is required to move their body and the game controller in active ways that can challenge their balance and coordination. Playing games such as virtual bowling, tennis, basketball, fitness exercising, dancing, and many more will make the participant exert plenty of energy for a workout. 

Arts & Crafts
Our arts and crafts classes will challenge any artist minded person. We will try to touch a little bit of everything from jewelry making to canvas paintings. The sky will be the limit. 

The sports that we offer will be another way to get our participants active and show them that they can have fun while being active. The sports that will be presented to them in this quarter will be bowling, volleyball. bocce, swimming, basketball, and tennis. They will be introduced to the rules of the game as well as being taught different skills. 

Computer Class
In this class we will start with the basic of how to turn the computer on and off. After that the participant will learn how to use the keyboard and mouse. Then we will move on to pulling up internet browsers and sending emails. Music This class will interest all music audiophiles! We will make music, listen to different music genres, learn different dances, and play different instruments. Time & Money Management This class will teach the participant how to manage their time wisely on a day to day basis. The class will also work with the participant on counting money and understanding the value of money. 

Cooking Class
This class is centered around cooking and preparing for a meal. We will start the participant off with making a list, then they will go to the store to buy the items, next they will come back prepare the meal, set the table, and then the best part will be cleaning up. They will prepare microwave, stove top, and oven meals in this class.

Therapeutic Services Staff

JC Redd
(770) 528-8453

Clintina Mitchell
Recreation Coordinator - Unit Manager
(770) 528-2679

Ann Bonds
Recreation Programmer
(770) 528-2570

Katelyn Fischer
Recreation Specialist
(770) 528-2569